There’s a reason why the word ‘Random’ is in the name of my blog. Blogger ADD. Right here. But, here are my Random Weekend Ramblings: things I’m seeing, reading, and doing.

Random Weekend

1. My Favorite Quote Of The YEAR: “We’re a country that came together because we wanted freedom from a government that got all messily intertwined with religion. We need to remember that, especially when the state makes a decision that seems at odds with your religious beliefs.” ~Jason Boyett You’re welcome to read between the lines on what I’m talking about there.

2. Submommy’s Kickass Download Of The Week: My favorite running song right now – Outro by M83. There’s a silent space in the middle of the song when all I can hear is my feet pounding the pavement and my breathing. I love it mid-run. The music slowly comes back up and helps push me through the rest. And how can you beat lyrics like: “I’m king of my own land, facing tempests of dust, I’ll fight until the end” when you’re running?

Here’s part of it, and because I’m a huge So You Think You Can Dance geek, you get the added bonus of a dance video. Yay!

3. What Girl Child Is Reading: Girl is a huge reader (Hooray!) and she loved this one. She asked me to let you guys know about it:

Hide And Seek by Kate Messner

Anytime I have to get a little grumpy with her so she’ll turn off the lights and go to sleep, that’s a book I’m willing to tout.

*FYI – I’m an Amazon affiliate. 

4. Submommy’s Local Moment: Old Town Pizza. I’m totally late to this party, but I love the kitschy decor in this place. So very Nouveau/Deco fun.  Boy and I sat at a converted sewing table. There was a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass window near the bar. Pizza wasn’t bad, either.

5. Girl Child Triumph: She successfully completed her first 5k earlier this month. We signed her up with a group called Girls On The Run, and I can’t say enough good things about this organization. The running training is paired with self-esteem building curriculum, and the girls are assigned a running buddy. Girl’s was fantastic. I wanted to firm up all the skills she’s been taught these last few years before we hit the middle school years, which are HARD. The sense of accomplishment she felt radiated off of her when she was finished. Running is cool.

starlight run 5k

6. Submommy’s Favorite Blog Post Of The Week: This religious moment has been brought to you by: Jamie The Very Worst Missionary. Follow her, she’s awesome. Taking Back Eden. Judging others is exhausting. Stop doing it. You’ll feel much better.

7. Submommy’s Kickass App Of The Week: Tune In Radio. There’s a free version with ads and a paid version without. It is totally satisfying my need to hear 80’s New Wave music. It also has streaming from just about any radio station you can think of in the world, so I get to find new good stuff, too. Share it on your networks, or download a song you really dig with a touch and it takes you to iTunes. It’s gooooood.

7. They’re Getting Huge: My babies are not my babies. They are my big people. Boy child “graduated” from Kindergarten, and Girl Child is starting middle school in September. Time is relentless.

big kids

I wouldn’t go back, though. I love watching the becoming much more than looking back at the already become.

8. Still Kinda Ridiculous After All These Years: Last weekend SubHub and I treated ourselves to a date, complete with an available sitter. I think we were kind of excited to be out somewhere enjoying a very large steak. We hadn’t even been drinking. That much.



And, that’s all the randomness that’s fit to print.


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