About Me

I am Karen Mares, aka Submommy. (Which stands for Suburban Mom)

This is what I look like on a REALLY GOOD day.

I’m a 40-ish mommy/wife/suburb dweller/writer. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I have been a lifelong journal keeper, so writing has always been in my life. I began this personal blog, in 2007, and haven’t stopped writing since. In addition to this personal blog, I also write and manage blogging and social media for small businesses.
My husband, John:
We have a daughter, Girl Child:
Girl Child was born with a birth defect called Atresia/Microtia, so we have a few unique challenges that average-family-next-door doesn’t. Atresia/Microtia means she was born without an outer ear and ear canal. She’s been through much in her life. I discuss hers – and our – trials and tribulations of raising a child with hearing loss here in an effort to share our experience with parents who may be guiding another child down the same road.

And last but certainly not least: Boy Child:

Where most of the comedy in this family comes from.

Welcome to my flavor of the ‘burbs.

Wanna chat with me?E-mail: klmares@gmail.com
Twitter: @Submommy

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