So, my daughter doesn’t have 100% hearing in both ears. One is fine, the other isn’t. It’s complicated – check out the story on

Anyway – I have to find humor in this somehow, right? I mean, I could focus on it constantly or I could accept who she is as a whole person, and thus find a little humor in some of her not understanding everything she hears.

So, we’re hanging out tonight, and I’m stuck on a song – ‘Hush Little Baby’ I was singing it to myself. She decided she wanted to sing it, too. This is what she heard:

“Hush little baby don’t say a word,
Momma’s gonna buy you a honking bird.
If that honking bird don’t sing,
Momma’s gonna buy you a di-hime ring.
If that di-hime ring don’t shine….

Mommy, what comes next?”

“I have no idea.”

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