1. Submommy’s Favorite Things: Fingerless mittens. We’ve all heard of “texting” gloves, fingerless gloves….I love my fingerless mittens. The brand is called ‘Rising Tide’ and they can be purchased online here: Wearable Darkness. I have a hard time believing that “texting gloves” will decrease the frequency with which autocorrect deploys on my phone. Fingerless mittens? Problem solved.

2. Kickass Download Of The Week: Heavy rotation on the Submommy playlist right now: Stubborn Love, by the Lumineers.

This song is starting to get a fair amount of airplay, but it absolutely should. Respect the musicians that sit around in their rooms until 3 am learning a guitar riff, scribble heartfelt lyrics on their spiral-bound notebooks while they’re waiting for the bus, and play smoky bars until their eyes water. They’re artists, not “entertainers.”

3. What I Wrote This Week: Ten Minutes To Company and Tough Conversations With Girl. My two posts this week perfect embody the tagline of this blog. Messy house. Messy life.

4. What Someone Else Wrote This Week That Kicks Ass: She’s my favorite blogger. This post is raw, honest, and her truth is so compelling that it makes me want to share mine – whatever that looks like. All You Need Is Love.

5. Pin of the week: “Real” women. There are thin people in America. They’re every bit as “real” as the not-thin people. For every person you get mad at because of “fat-bias” think about the thin person who gets dirty looks, snide remarks, and general nastiness aimed in their direction. Hint: both are wrong.

6. Tween Read Of The Week: Moon Over Manifest

Girl and I both loved this book. It touches on so many stories in 20th century American History: the immigrant experience, World War 1, the Depression….it drew both of us in completely.

Here’s the blurb: Abilene Tucker feels abandoned. Her father has put her on a train, sending her off to live with an old friend for the summer while he works a railroad job. Armed only with a few possessions and her list of universals, Abilene jumps off the train in Manifest, Kansas, aiming to learn about the boy her father once was.
Having heard stories about Manifest, Abilene is disappointed to find that it’s just a dried-up, worn-out old town. But her disappointment quickly turns to excitement when she discovers a hidden cigar box full of mementos, including some old letters that mention a spy known as the Rattler. These mysterious letters send Abilene and her new friends, Lettie and Ruthanne, on an honest-to-goodness spy hunt, even though they are warned to “Leave Well Enough Alone.”
Abilene throws all caution aside when she heads down the mysterious Path to Perdition to pay a debt to the reclusive Miss Sadie, a diviner who only tells stories from the past. It seems that Manifest’s history is full of colorful and shadowy characters—and long-held secrets. The more Abilene hears, the more determined she is to learn just what role her father played in that history. And as Manifest’s secrets are laid bare one by one, Abilene begins to weave her own story into the fabric of the town.

READ IT. I’m serious.
7. My Favorite Picture of the Week: I’m not really sure what I’m doing here.

8. Cool Free App O’ the Week: Camera Awesome. Camera apps just keep getting better and better. This one connects to all your social stuff, too, like Instagram AND Flickr. It’s free, but there are in-app purchases for extra filters and such. Totally optional.

9. Happy New Year. Friends don’t let friends resolute.

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