When I’m sick, I allow myself to marinate in all things web. Some FASCINATING little tidbits this week.

1. Things To Do When You Run Out Of Things To Do: School is almost out, which presents SUCH a challenge for me. That’s what camps are for, right?  I stumbled on this article on Babble with some really cool science experiments for kids. Tornado in a jar, anyone?

2. My Psychology Degree Peeking Out: How’s this for amazing, and not in a good way? Munchausen by Internet. A new category of crazy, illustrated here: The Long, Fake Life Of J.S. Dirr. In case you’re wondering, there is a documented illness called Munchausen-by-Proxy in which parents create or exaggerate illnesses for their children in order to gain attention. This is a whole new level of weird – creating an entire life and story via the internet. Whoa.

3. We Own A HOT TUB – we are now the proud owners of a hot tub. After a long and steady campaign, SubHub finally won me over and we have a hot tub. He’s a patient man, that SubHub. He mentioned it, then waited. Mentioned again, waited. Wore me down. The kids can swim, so, now we have a hot tub. Motivation to stay Lady-Scaped.

4. Girl’s quote of the week: Boy’s favorite color is orange. Yesterday he comes downstairs wearing orange shorts and an orange shirt. Says Girl Child: “He looks like he’s in juvvie.”

(insert stunned pause…..here)
Submommy: “Where did you hear the term juvvie? Is there something I should know, here?”

5. Download of the Week: Catchy little tune, gonna be blaring with windows down in my car this summer:

Grouplove, Tongue Tied

7. My Favorite Twitter Follower of the Week: A twitter account promoting dude ranch vacations. A dude ranch vacation is my idea of a nightmare. I’m allergic to horses. So, I would spend a week wheezing and never far away from an epi-pen. Fun! Where do I sign up?

Have a great weekend, friends!

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