More on my Year(s) of Food….I have joined the campaign to require the labeling of GMO’s.

California has collected enough signatures to get a ballot on the initiative numbered #37. It would require the labeling of foods that have GMO’s – or Genetically Modified Organisms – in them. In this country, that’s mostly corn, soy, and sugar beets.

I have discussed these things on this blog before: Genetically modifying food.

Here’s a very concise explanation of the potential problems: What’s Wrong With Genetic Engineering.

Genetic modification of plants changes the DNA structure by splicing in – or out – desirable or undesirable traits. Currently companies like Monsanto are not required to label products containing these GMO’s here in the United States. This initiative, if it passes, would set a national precedent for the labeling of these foods. It will give consumers a choice as to whether or not they want to purchase a product containing GMO’s.

These plants have been given the green light to be produced without thorough testing or consideration as to the long-range repercussions of genetically modifying what was really just fine to begin with….just not necessarily convenient. Monsanto and other companies will tell you that this is the solution to feeding a burgeoning world population. Soil erosion, crop failures, super weeds, super bugs, dwindling plant variety and long-range health concerns are no solution.

Monsanto and other biotechnology behemoths are pulling out their giant guns and their lobbying wallets to bank roll this initiative’s defeat. It has been shown that in countries where GMO’s are labeled, they don’t sell. People choose against purchasing these products because they are such an unknown entity. They threaten soil health, biodiversity (varieties of plants), create resistant weeds and insects, and potentially our health.

You have the right to know what you’re eating and choose accordingly. Join me in supporting California’s Initiative #37.

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What can you do?

You can sign up to be a GMO Right To Know Blogger Evangelist (like me!) Here.
You can ‘like’ the Facebook page for updates on the campaign Here.
You can follow the campaign Twitter handle: @CARighttoknow, and hashtags #labelgmos, and #carrighttoknow

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