New thing…..random Friday…..

1) Would this bother you? The guys who come over to fix your hardwood floor take a shit in your bathroom while you’re not there. Stinky. **shudder** Is that wierd? I mean, I know that everybody poops, but seriously. Don’t stink up my Loo, people. You left for an hour to eat lunch….couldn’t you have done it THERE?

2) I have a crush on Gordon Ramsay.

3) Please to explain…..Cheesecake Factory (no offense, Denise). Hour + wait for a table where I get to sit down and read a menu the size of War & Peace, complete with advertisements for other businesses, no kid’s menu, so I end up ordering a massive grilled cheese sandwich for my 14 month old who eats 5 bites, (I could grind up money in my own disposal, thank you very much), portion sizes that are large enough to scare me a little, and turtle service (slow). What’s the big deal?

4) Grammar. Holy smokes, guys. What’s happened to our writing skills? Spelling? It MATTERS. I’ll tell you why it matters…..because if you write something completely unintelligible, I’m going to think you’re an idiot, and treat you accordingly. You might be Einstein, but if you can’t write a complete sentence, I can’t take you seriously. I’m not perfect, nor do I profess to be, but I make an EFFORT. Cell phone text is not an actual LANGUAGE. Here’s a little help: Grammar Girl

5) A touch of sadness as I sell my Joovy Caboose stroller My big girl has outgrown it, and my getting-bigger-all-the-time-boy is riding a stoller solo.

Next up – strange Craigslist responses…..stay tuned.

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