This is an actual exchange between Hubs and I yesterday.  Back story: We’re looking into buying shares of beef from a local farm.

Kookoolan Farms Ground Beef Shares!Back by popular demand in response to recent news stories about “pink slime” in commercial hamburger:  shares of just ground beef, from our pasture-raised beef cattle.

SM: Maybe we could go in with someone else on this?

SH: Wasn’t this email essentially the plot for an episode of Portlandia?

lets talk about this when i get home.

SM: Yes. Yes it IS a Portlandia plot.
We probabaly won’t have to move to the farm and submit to the charms of the charismatic but creepy farm owner though. We can pick up our meat at the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market, avoiding an awkward death scene. 

We’re dorks. Ok, I’m a dork. He puts up with it.

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