No, I didn’t have to have THAT conversation….hopefully I won’t have THAT conversation (in detail) for a good long stretch. But….

So, the discussions with our sweet Girl Child are taking on a decidedly more complicated, um….flair?

Girl child comes to me one day last week and says, “Mommy, what’s diabetes?”

(insert stunned pause here)

See, we have a family member who has Type 2 diabetes. Hence the question. She knows that this person can’t have sugar, but apparently it is just dawning on her that the issue is more complicated than “can’t have sugar.”

So, I took a few minutes to regroup, and explained that there are two kinds – Type 1 and Type 2. She asked which type our family member had, and I said, “Type 2.”

GC: Why? What’s the difference?

SM: Uh, well, uh, hmmm….Type 1 is when part of your body attacks what helps keep the sugar in your blood from getting too high. Type 2 is when the part of your body that keeps the sugar in your blood from getting too high stops working right.

GC: Why does it stop working right?

And thus ensued a rather complicated conversation about what makes your pancreas stop working right. Here’s what I came up with:

So remember, she’s seven. I understand that as an adult, someone might be reading this and thinking, “there’s more to it than that!” and yes, that’s probably true. But here’s the thing:

She’s seven. All she sees is a beloved family member feeling cruddy, and she wants to know what’s going on.

So, here’s the point of this whole exchange:

GC: I like cauliflower. And strawberries. And apples – but I don’t like the skin (can’t win ’em all, right?) and Mommy, can we have salmon for dinner tonight?

Tomorrow, when you drown yourself in turkey, gravy, pumpkin pie, and all that jazz, remember this: too much of a good thing, is actually a bad thing.

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