I’ve been making an effort to snazz up this blog a little bit – affiliated myself with BlogHer, put on a few new gadgets, etc.

I’m here today to talk to you about blog gadgets. They are the little extras you see on blogs, like buttons, quotes, clickables, etc.

99% of them are ridiculous.

So, because I’m here to help, I present to you: Submommy’s Picks For Dumbest Gadgets.

1. Jessica Alba/Kim Kardashian/Audrina Partridge daily pictures. Ew.

2. Countdown to Shrek Forever After – A movie that came out LAST YEAR. And it wasn’t that good.

3.Daily Images of the Wittelsbach Blue Diamond – Staring at a diamond all day?

4. Mr. T. Quotes – Has he become a sage?

5. Daily Pictures of Deer – I think I’d rather look at pictures of Kim Kardashian. Actually, scratch that. I’ll take the deer.

6. Darth Vader Quotes – I think that would appeal to a very specific audience. Not mine.

7. Guitar – That’s it. It’s a picture of a guitar.

8. Beautiful Pictures of Campfires – I can say, with a small amount of authority, that if you’ve seen one campfire, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Unless it morphs into a forest fire, and then, well, yeah.

9. Random Funny Images of Cats – How bad do you want to be known as the crazy cat lady?

10. Teeth Whitening Tips – How many Dentist Bloggers do you know?

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