I love you. You make us smile, laugh, yell, cheer, and dream for you.

Your tender sweetness takes my breath away sometimes.

When you offer your sister a piece of your Halloween candy because you can tell she’s feeling sad, my heart bursts with joy. You know how to love, and show how to love.

All the feelings you have come bursting to the surface in your infectious laugh, your charming smile, your frustrated tears, and your warm hugs.

Now that you’re eight, I see my sweet baby ebbing away, and the little man you are becoming is working it’s way to the surface. When I think of you as a grown man, my fondest wish is that you keep that sense of joy, that loud laugh, and those feelings right at the surface, so the people in your life can see what love looks like. What joy looks like.

What being full of life looks like.


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