But, for the first time ever, I’m posting a recipe.

Now, I have friend. Her name is Lara

Buy this woman’s puzzles, people. I’m not kidding. They’re unbelievably amazing. Such artistry. It takes an incredibly intelligent person to MAKE puzzles like this. Trust me.

Anyway – green beans. That’s where I’m going with this. They are the SubFam go-to vegetable. SubHub grew up with Gramma M’s canned green beans. She was a prolific canner. It’s only been in the last few years that she became too infirm to continue gardening and canning. I feel really fortunate to have known SubHub when Gramma was still growing and canning.

But….I digress.

For the first several years of our marriage, the only vegetable SubHub would eat – green beans. Canned. He was convinced that they needed to be BOILED for TWENTY MINUTES. I’m sure there was some rumor about botulism that he heard as a kid, but I kept telling him, “HONEY – THEY’RE ALREADY COOKED!”

I finally sneaked in some fresh ones, which we sauteed and served with something SubHub grilled. ‘Cause that’s what SubHub does: meat. He loved them. That’s what got him going on fresher veggies.

So, in my search for creative ways to get the SubKids to eat something besides white food, my dear friend, Puzzle Woman, (See? See how I come back around to the beginning? And you doubted me.) mentioned Roasted Green Beans.

I served them tonight with really tough, not-so-good chicken. (Thank you, Foster Farms. Not really.)

I called them “Green Bean French Fries” because as soon as you say, “french fries” Boy Child is all over it.

Girl Child said, “Mom! They DO taste like French fries!”

Admittedly, because they were green, he was instantly suspicious, but….HE ATE THEM.

Here you go:

2 lbs green beans, trimmed
2 tbls Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt – I like Sea Salt from a grinder, but that’s just me.

toss the beans in the Olive oil to coat – I used a Ziploc. Toss a little salt in there and shake it like a Polaroid picture…..

Spread them out on a lightly oiled sheet pan

Roast at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Add a little extra salt if you’d like.

Voila! Green Bean French Fries.

Thank you Lara!

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