So, things are returning to normal around here. Case in point: today.

Remember the whole Key Incident?

We decide to go get our Christmas tree today. Oregon, in case you didn’t know, is the country’s leading producer of Christmas trees. So for us, it’s not exactly a long trek to get a nice tree that’s from an actual farm. We like that route.

We wait until BC gets up from his nap, we gather up to leave. Now, I have to convince GC that no, she can’t wear her Sunday clothes to the muddy tree farm. Oh, and no, she can’t wear her cute ballet flat shoes to the muddy tree farm, either.

We finally get out the door and to the farm arund 4:30. We check out a selection from the just-cut-that-morning Noble firs.

A quick aside – I only like Nobles. Your ornaments hang on them nicely. The others are annoying to try to decorate.

So, we pick the tree, we wait for them to send it through the spider shaker and wrapper machine, we pay, and we’re off.

Or not.

SubHub ties the tree to the top of the 97 4-Runner, which, by the way, is for sale. Have I mentioned that? The kids and I wait, and it starts to get cold. Plus, it’s nearly dark. I ask SubHub for the key.

Gone. Not in his pockets, not in my purse, not under the seats…..vanished.

Thus ensues a mini-nightmare. We enlist the help of one the employees by having him grab a few flashlights. Did I mention IT’S DARK? AND MUDDY? SubHub and helper dude walk all over the place looking for the key, which is alone without any of his key friends to keep him company, in the muck, mud, and needles.

Finally we call a friend. I need to add here that friends like these people are invaluable. Said friends had to drive to our house, get into the house via the code on our garage door, find our extra key, then drive it out to us at the tree farm. Which, while it’s close, it’s not THAT close.

So after freezing our butts off, listening to the kids screaming at each other over the Leapster for 40 minutes, our dear, wonderful friend showed up with our key. The folks at the tree farm? LONG GONE. Closed. Lights off.

This is the kind of thing that only happens to us. Seriously.

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