So, I’m standing in line with Girl Child at a recent performance at our local theatre. While waiting, there were two older women standing behind us. One was a little too close to me, which gives me the total willies, (I SHOULD NOT be able to smell your breath!) but I digress.

Here’s how the conversation went, because the woman was so dang close to me I couldn’t help but hear it:

Lady #1: How’s your diabetes?

Lady #2: Oh, fine. I’m doing great.

(It was at this point that I moved up the line a little and then put my hand on my hip so that my elbow would stick out. YOU’RE TOO CLOSE! MOVE!)

Anyway – Girl Child and I grab a pretzel (I never said I was perfect….) and we share it. A few minutes later I see the same two women standing nearby, and the one who said, “My diabetes is great!” Guess what she was eating?

A gigantic chocolate chip cookie.

Self control is hard. I get it. But, is a cookie worth your life? Does it taste so good you’d rather DIE than go without?

I really had no idea when I started all of this last year that I would start the fight of my life.

Our kids are normal size/weight. I took Girl Child shopping for clothes yesterday, and everything is made for a big belly. They are literally falling off of her.

I had no idea when I stuck my hand in the chicken’s butt that I was changing the way that we interacted with food for the rest of our lives.

I signed Jamie Oliver’s petition today. I’ll never subject my kids to chicken nuggets ever again.

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