1. Why the HELL are people freaking out about Chaz Bono on Dancing With the “Stars?” (I will always refer to this show with “stars” in quotes.)  So, they chose someone who is the child of famous people, who up until recently essentially went about his business, then decided, “Hey, I have a voice, I think I’ll use it.” He’s transgendered. So? Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame is that she has gobs of money, she grew up in Beverly Hills, and she made a sex tape. Bristol Palin is famous because her mother was a controversial vice-presidential candidate. Her only other claim to fame is that she got knocked up when she was 16. Chaz Bono searched his soul and found his true self, and decided to talk about it.

2. My two favorite posts about the Twitter shit-storm over the JC Penney t-shirt: Mom101 (For a serious take) and Stark Raving Mad Mommy. (For a funny take on it) We’re in the fight of our lives for the minds of our daughters, moms.
3. Girl Child’s last week of summer vacation, and she went to a science camp – ON AN OVERNIGHT TRIP. She’s had sleepovers with friends, but this is her first experience with something like this. I’m vacillating between excited for her, missing her, and nervous for her. I swear – you blink and they’ve grown. 
4. Plantar Fasciitis is my latest running-related issue. Every morning I wake up, try to get out of bed, and my foot and ankle scream at me. Do NOT get old. Trust me. 
5. Dear SubHub: I love you. There are mini-remote controlled helicopter and helicopter parts all over the house in odd locations. Why is this?
6. Horrible Song of the Week: The big winner for the entire summer? Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. Cool funky band. Worst.Song.Ever. It’s like the ebola of musical viruses. One bar of that song and it drills it’s way into my brain and stays there. Oh – and SUPER DARK lyrics. Peppy AND dark? Weird.

7. School starts next week, and I actually managed to NOT have to go crawling to my doctor begging for an increase in my anti-depressant medication. Yay me. I’m growing, people.

8. And I’ll leave you with my Boy Child Quote of the Week: I’m in jammies, and he comes out from my bedroom, holding my bra up and says, “Mommy! It’s time to put on your boobies! Here!”

Oh child, if ONLY it were that easy.

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