1. Tweenie Moment of the Week: Girl Child, as we inch ever closer to tween-ville, watched a movie on Disney Channel called ‘Radio Rebel.’ Cute little movie centered around music, essentially. My favorite quote: “This is OUR music. OUR voice.”

The lead character says this while a remake of “We Got The Beat” by The Go-Go’s is playing in the background. I’m calling foul. Uh, that would be OUR music, kiddies. Make a note of it.

2. Pinboard of the Week: Amongst all the food porn on Pinterest, there are lovely collections of boards with amazing discoveries on them. Here’s my Pinboard Of The Week:

RJ Wattenhofer – Pin Name JungleRoar: Favorite Movies And Shows

His favorite movies and shows is a great pinboard. A fantastic mix of genres, commentary, interesting choices, and memories. Enjoy!

3. Boy Child’s Quote Of The Week: “Mom, I have a thumb on my finger. It’s weird.”

4. In other Boy Child news, he’s taken to putting random things in the freezer. Last week it was an empty jar of ranch dressing. This week, his already-cooked breakfast sausage. It’s just sitting there on a plate:

4. Local business spotlight. – U U Yogurt: The Raleigh Hills store.

So, let’s just say that you’re running around trying to find out if your daughter’s kidneys are trying to stage a coup, and you decide, “Hey! Perfect time for some frozen yogurt.”  You get there, get your yummy cake batter flavor, go to pay, and….HORROR! Your wallet is nowhere to be found.

The small local business owner said, “Don’t worry about it. This one’s on me.” I doubt that The Country’s Biggest Yogurt chain would have done that for me. SHOP LOCAL.

5. A Cause Moment: This movie deserves a viewing, despite the current fight going on with the MPAA about what the rating should be: Bully.

This has to stop. They are our children. Set a good example and listen up. When you post something nasty online, and engage in the gang-up-on-them mob mentality, you are giving your children permission to do the same. Stop.

6. Submommy’s Kick-ass download of the week: It’s Time, Imagine Dragons

And look! A link to the song in iTunes for your convenience! I aim to please.

7. Taxes I hate doing them. That is all.

Have a great week, my people!

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