1. Stranger than fiction: Suspects in an armed robbery taken by police on their BICYCLES. A getaway BICYCLE? That’s rather hopeful, isn’t it boys? The Bicycle Robbers.

2. You’re Not Crazy. This is the best article I’ve ever read about relationships. I think parents should print this out and read it to the teens, both male and female, in their lives. It’s called gaslighting.

3. Pinboard of the Week: Cool Mom Tech has this killer pinboard called, “Apps For Kids” that has all kinds of rockin’ cool apps for multiple platforms. Many of them are free. CLICK AWAY!

4. Douchebag of the Decade Award: Here’s to you, Pastor Worley. You’re not glorifiying God, there, bud. You’re up there making noise to glorify YOURSELF. That’s one of God’s no-no’s. What you advocate in that video is the abomination. (The link takes you to a very well-written and graceful post about just how wrong this, um, person is.)

5. And my hate-affair with playdates continues…. When one friend is there, the other one gets all up in their business. When the other has a friend over, someone gets all bossy and controlling. Yeah. Good times.

6. Submommy’s Kickass Download Of The Week: Jason Mraz, I Won’t Give Up. I love this song. Listen to the lyrics. Then go ahead and sigh.

Download it here: I Won’t Give Up

7. My New Favorite Thing: Thread earrings. Lots of Etsy shops carry them. So pretty.

8.iPhone pics!

Wind in your hair. Freedom. Love this.
Homebrew from a jelly jar. We’re classy.
My boys.

The balance board. 
Rainy day dragon umbrella

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, campers. 
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