I’m green with envy that I can’t be there. Would love to go, meet fun new people, learn from fun, smart people, and have fun with fun people.

But since I can’t be there, I’m going to tell ya’ll a little story.

Back in the day, when I worked at a now-defunct software company, said company merged with another software developer. All the big players gathered at the headquarters of the acquired company to pat each other on the back and drink. Ok, so, they probably had a few strategy meetings, but let’s be honest. Back-patting and drinking was the REAL purpose.

My boss at the time – best, coolest boss ever, by the way – was also the kind of guy to mess with you in some way because it entertained him. You know the type. He teamed up with a like-minded co-worker, and gathered with a guy from the new company for drinks and more back-patting.

Approximately eighteen to twenty shots of tequila later, New Guy decided he needed something at the front desk.

Instead of getting something, he gave them something: the entire contents of his stomach.

Of course, due in no small part to my boss and his buddy, news of this spread throughout the entire company, and by the following Monday, Mr. Barf-a-Roni was a company legend. And not in a good way.

Ladies and gentlemen, drink, laugh and be merry.

Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t empty the entire contents of your stomach on the front desk of the hotel. ‘Cause, well, ew. And somebody will post it on Instagram. And Twitter. And Facebook. And…..

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