1. From The Relationship Files: Watching a snippet of a movie this week, I heard the line, “We had to break up or get married.”

If you are deciding between breaking up and getting married, BREAK UP. I don’t know about you, but that’s not really the circumstances under which I want to walk down the aisle. “Gee honey, let’s either shit or get off the pot.” How romantic.

2. Question About Broadway: They are making musicals out of old 80’s movies. This has me questioning my existence on many levels, but here’s what I REALLY don’t understand: Xanadu? 9 to 5? Flashdance?

And still no Blues Brothers. Makes zero sense.

3. App Of The Week: There are SO DANG MANY photography apps to choose from. I stumbled on this one and I love it. Why? 1) FREE. 2) Awesome filters that you can add multiple times to the same pic to heighten the effect, and 3) FREE.

Pix: Pixel Mixer (for iPhone  AND ta da!  Android)

4. My New Made-Up Word: Urbanista – Snobby urban dweller who looks down their nose at the suburbs and thinks their compost bin doesn’t stink. (Hint: it does.)

5. Submommy’s Kickass Download of the Week: Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound: Ne’er Do Wells.

I became an Amazon Associate, which means that you can click right here and download it right from this here humble little site. (Disclosure: I get a commission for the download and/or purchase of Amazon stuff that you click on from this site. Thank you!)

Ne’er Do Wells

*Note: This is totally compatible with your iTunes library. You’re welcome.

6. SubHub Finds Funny Things: From the cache of SubHub’s computer: Call Hating. We both agree that we wish we had the guts to do this.

Also? The Do Not Call Registry must have expired because holy smokes we’re getting pounded with telemarketers.

7. Your Dog/Cat Is NOT The Same As A Human Child. I realize I’m going to piss a few people off with this one, but listen: Your pet is not a human. Yes, you have to take care of it. Yes, give it love. Comparing it to a human child is apples-oranges. 

8. Iphone Pics: Only one this week:

Rawr. Chomp Chomp Chomp.

Happy weekend!
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