1. Street Harrassment. Love this. How many times have you ladies out there been subjected to this? I have, and it stinks. My favorite line from this little movie? “Can’t take you anywhere, man.”

2. Submommy’s Kickass Download Of The Week: The Shins, Simple Song.

I like musicians who can actually sing and play their own instruments. Novel idea, huh? That’s why I linked to their live performance of this song. Also? GIRL GUITAR PLAYER.

3. You can’t say I never do crafts: I present: Bendaroo Hieroglyphics:

Anybody out there who can translate?

4. What’s on my iPhone:

Buddies. Mostly.
Up to no good. Especially the one on the right.
Hop Tea. It’s getting scary, this homebrew thing.

Bacon. Just because.

5. Seen on Health.com: “do you want to kick your coffee habit?”

Why on EARTH would I want to kick my coffee habit? Hell no.

6. New Cool App AlertCash Cow.  Both the kids are completely hooked on this app. Hey! I have an idea! Let’s teach them to make change properly BEFORE they have jobs that require it! Also? it’s on Girl Child’s iTouch at school. Fourth Grade teacher approved.

7. Reason no. seven gabillion why SubHub rocks: He delivers food from our church’s food pantry once a month to neighbors in the area with one of his buddies. Last time they made an extra trip to the store to buy a mom in need diapers and wipes.

****This is the kind of man you marry, Girl Child. (And other girl childrens.)****

8. Pinterest Board of the Week: Mary McCarthy, who writes Pajamas And Coffee has amassed many many awesome pinboards, but this is my favorite: Funny Ass Shit

9. Happy Easter and Passover, friends!

Bock bock!
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