Has everybody chilled out now that the election is over? Ok, let’s get on with the Random.

1. Please to explain: Flameless candles. I understand the gist of why the world might want flameless candles, but really? Ugly. Also? Obvious. Allow me to illustrate.¬†Yeah, I know. They’re safer, blah blah blah. Ugly. Obvious.

2. Best Blog Post on the Presidential Election: “Sad And Tragic Day.” Again – let’s all just relax a little. The tide eventually turns. Throughout U.S. history there have been times when conservatism is in favor and times when liberalism is in favor. The ship has a tendency to right itself. LET IT.

3. Submommy’s Kickass Free App Of The Week: Really bummed that California’s Prop 37 – the GMO labeling initiative – didn’t pass. $45 million-ish dollars and subterfuge can buy you out of printing a label. Who knew? So, to help you take matters into your own hands I present to you: the ShopNoGMO app. It helps you navigate things to buy that don’t have stomach-exploding DNA toxins spliced into them. Win.

4. WTF Moment Of The Week: I found out that Playboy has a wine club. I’m sorry, what?

5. Submommy’s Kickass Download of the Week: Jets Overhead, Boredom and Joy

And, for your viewing pleasure: (Look! More people who can actually play their own instruments!)

6. Iphone Pics! You know you want them. (Good news! I got a collage app. I catch on eventually)

1) Birthday boy! 2) Apparently we’re raising a libertarian 3) Turkey with a bee trying to sting it’s butt. (His story. Not mine) and 4) Birthday boy with sundae.

1) A tensely negotiated bat girl costume. We made her wear leggings and a shirt underneath it. 2) Texts from Girl Child. I’m rethinking the free text app I got her for her Fire. 3) Cheap yarn and an idea to write a play called, “Red Headed Rapunzel.” She braided that entire thing. It took her two days. 4) Emails from Girl Child. I think perhaps waiting to introduce free-range technology might be a good idea.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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