Been awhile, my friends. Here’s a Random Friday of All The Things.

1. Blog Post of The Week: Mom jeans.

Of course, after reading this and several of her other related posts, I raced to my closet only to find that AAACCCKKK! Full of Near Mom Jeans.

2. Favorite Article of The Week If you don’t believe in evolution, this is NOT the post for you.

3. Blog of The Week: Dog Shaming. (No commentary necessary)

4. Random Observation of The Week:  From the pool we went to on our vacation: Not only does America appear to have a weight problem, it also has a bad tattoo problem.

5. App of The Week: Tables Up. Free – right now it’s only available in Portland, but they will be expanding to other markets soon. Great idea.

I want someone to invent a parking app, where you type in your destination and it tells you whether or not you’re going to have to drive around for an hour looking for a place to park. How cool would that be?

6. Song of The Week:

Alex Clare, Too Close

Enjoy this acoustic YouTube version….killer song.

7.  These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…….

Spibelt. It’s a running belt that fits your music player, ID, phone, etc. It’s stretchy, but doesn’t bounce up and down when I’m running, which bugs the crap out of me. This is what mine looks like:

(image *Not sponsored. I just love this product.

8. Pics of The Week: I was too lazy to do summer pictures in the summer. You know, when they would have been more timely. It’s how I roll.

Ok, so – 1) Brave in 3D, 2) Water park, 3) SPARKLERS ARE COOL! 4) My (likely) very last bachelorette party, 5) Vacation pool fun, 6) We’re raising a golfer, making his Papa beam with joy.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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