This iPad Mini Bluetooth keyboard was provided to me by Snugg to review. The opinions stated here, however, are my own. 

Snugg iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

The Battle For The iPad

A little more than a year ago, Boy Child became obsessed with my iPad. He wanted to be playing apps like “Stack the States” on it constantly, despite the fact that he couldn’t yet read. Here’s how a basic conversation would go:

Me: Hey, Bug? I need the iPad for something.

Boy: Just a sec! (The subtext of ‘Just a sec’ is: “You just a sec me, I get to just a sec you!”)

Me: Buddy, time’s up, I’d like MY iPad back, please.

Boy: In a minute! (see previous subtext)

And so it went. It went on to the point where I gave up the battle and bought myself an iPad Mini with a strict “no one touches this one except me” policy. It’s been *awesome.* Except for the typing part. Touch screen typing can be a serious pain, and as I find myself out and about and wanting to write on the fly, in say, the school pickup line, the touch screen was seriously slowing me down.

The Fix: iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard by Snugg

So, when Snugg contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review a case or accessory for them, I jumped at the chance to try out a Bluetooth Keyboard for my Mini.

The keyboard arrived (really fast!) and it was easy to connect and pair with my iPad. It came pre-charged, so I was up and running in about five minutes. The biggest challenge to using the keyboard is it’s size, but that’s not product related, it’s simply the nature of the size required to fit with the iPad Mini.

The Details:

  • Lightweight, brushed aluminum case
  • Mirco USB for charging included
  • Quick easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Slot for your Mini – goes in landscape orientation
  • A whopping 80 hours of use time on one charge

The Pros:

  • Portability – it fit perfectly in my purse. Sometimes I like to cruise the web and such when I’m watching TV, and this makes it really easy to type in another location in my house without lugging my larger laptop around.
  • Ease of use – it’s essentially plug-n-play. You get it, you pair it, done.
  • Battery life – 80 hours on one charge is a gigantic win.
  • Cool factor – Every time I took my Mini with the keyboard out when I was with people they said, “Oh man, that’s so cool!”

The Cons:

  • Keyboard spacing – That takes some getting used to. You have to practice and adjust some of your regular keyboarding that you are accustomed to on their full-sized cousins. You will have typos the first few times.
  • Convertibility – There is no way to snap the keyboard case on the back of the iPad to convert it into a traditional case. That would be a nice feature to have, since I use my iPad equally as a writing device and as an entertainment device.

I’ve loved having this gadget with me. It’s made it easier for me to write on the fly when I get an idea, or need to make a list, send an email, etc. Since the holidays are coming, this would be a cool gadget for the iPad Mini owner in your life. They are on sale right now on the Snugg website, and are also available on Amazon. Bonus? It is Prime Eligible, so that includes free two-day shipping. That doesn’t suck, huh?

Thank you for the opportunity, Snugg!

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