How many times have you had something happen to you in public, or even semi-public, that makes you want to scream, cry, and just generally have a breakdown?

I’ve had many. From the minor (spilling wine on someone’s brand-new pants in the worst possible circumstances), to having visitors show up at the exact moment I find out that my newborn baby is hearing impaired and has a steeper hill to climb than most, I’ve had my share of moments of implosion. Moments when I really think I could have screamed out in horror, embarrassment, shame, grief. Moments where EXPLOSION would have been my preference.

But, I had this weird epiphany today. This morning, I watched GC have an absolute cow because she spilled a bowl of cereal on herself. (Don’t ask. Holy smokes. I still can’t figure out how she managed to get the cereal bowl upside down and on her BACK by the time I was able to get over to her.)

Then, flash forward to a picnic this evening at our local park, and an ENTIRE “Party Thermos” full of lemonade falls over from a rickety table set up on a slant, and positively covers her in sticky lemonade. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash. She looks around, realizes she’s not in a place where she can freak out, and sucks it up.

I thought back to her most recent surgery. She was horribly sick, and yet she had to go to the bathroom. She slid out of the bed and crawled there. Not a tear, not a shriek, not a single howl.

It got me thinking…always a little dangerous, but I digress…my daughter feels comfortable around SubHub and I enough to let how she’s REALLY feeling come out. All over the place. In big, messy, shrieks and tears and howls.

And, as much as the shrieks, tears and howls drive me crazy – it got me thinking. When did we all learn to scream and shriek and cry on the inside?

And… is that good, or bad?

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