It’s time. I’ve loved writing for all these years about family and life and whatnot. I discovered I had my own voice, started using it, and realized it could get loud. That’s a big deal. I processed what was happening to me as a parent, wife, friend and person; discovered some passions and found my way into a career that I had no idea was waiting for me when I was ready. I also recorded moments of the kids’ lives that so often fade away as time and children move forward. Writing and sharing these moments helped me notice them, and even more, appreciate them.

Blogging here taught me that I wasn’t alone as a parent. My fondest hope is that someone who read even one entry about this nutty, messy life felt a little less alone, too.

But, no one calls me “mommy” anymore. I’m Mom. That newly shortened moniker represents my growth as a parent.

I am not giving up on blogging, however. I think most people in The Biz refer to this as “rebranding.” I’d like to think of it as “Volume 2.”

So, please join me over at Beyond Words Life, and if you want me to write for you – something I love to do – check out Beyond Words Media, my fledgling little company.

Thank you.



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