Random Friday, filled with apps and a cry of WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THEM ALL NEXT WEEK? Why? Spring Break is looming large and we don’t have sunny weather. Ever. HELP ME. In the meantime:

1) What I Wrote This Week:

Running For My Life, In A Green Tutu. My love of running, explained.

2) What I Wrote Last Week:

The Empty Glass On The Counter Is Me. I’m all out of volunteer juice.

3) Girl Child’s Apps o’ the Week:

Slice It – FRACTIONS. She likes them. Who knew? AND….Flow Free: Bridges. I’m not sure I can explain this one. Highly addictive, though.

4) Boy Child Apps of the Week:

Bad Piggies. Yes, Angry Birds folks strike again. This is a good one, though – it uses the principals of physics to get you involved in building machines for the pigs to navigate around courses and obstacles.  OF COURSE there are in-app purchases available too. All the better to nag you with. AND…..

5) Submommy’s Chrome Apps of The Week:   Do Not Track Me
All the sites you and your kids visit are pooping little files on your computer that the owners can then sell to data mining companies. These companies then help marketers push “targeted” marketing campaigns. This browser add-on effectively stops these little files from getting pooped onto your computer. I’m finding that as the kids, especially Girl Child, are getting more and more technology savvy, I’m interested in keeping these companies from essentially spying on them.

6) Please To Explain Moment Of The Week: 

For serious: not ONE person helped the victim in Steubenville? NOT ONE? Don’t tell me she “asked for it.” NO ONE ASKS FOR THAT. Raise your hand if you never did anything not smart when you were growing up. *crickets*

I said this on Twitter, I’ll say it here: Never leave a girl behind. Ever.

7) Submommy’s Kickass Download of The Week:

Demons by Imagine Dragons.

It’s rare when I buy an entire album. I bought this entire album. SO damn good.

8) Tween Reading:

A two-fer! Powerless and Super by Matthew Cody. Really great fantasy books with a superhero twist.  Powerless is the first in the seriess, and Super is next. They aren’t “girl-centric” so tween boys would likely take to them, too. Girl couldn’t put either of them down. Smart reading with a comic book twist.

9) Pic Of The Week!

Thank you Easter Bunny! Bok! Bok!


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