Growing up, both SubHub and I enjoyed traditional American Thanksgiving meals.

In other words, tables chock-full of varying shades of white food.

I mean, think about it: Turkey (beige), mashed potatoes (white), rolls (white), stuffing (beige), green bean casserole (greenish, covered in beige), pumpkin pie (dark beige), with whipped cream (white), sweet white wine (duh, white)…..

And, in my case, lefse (white). In SubHub’s case, kolache’s (mostly white)

Then, when I joined SubHub’s family, I realized that they liked to mix it up a little. They had CORN (yellow!)

This year, I’m going rogue. Yep. No, not channeling my inner Sarah Palin. (Do I have an inner Sarah Palin? I’m thinking ‘No.’) And I’m bringing…….RED WINE!

Here’s hoping I don’t spill it all over the place.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Today, when you think about what you’re thankful for, please consider this: You have water to drink on demand. If you’re thirsty, you can go to your faucet and drink until you quench your thirst. Consider helping this fantastic organization this season:
Wello Water – bringing water to a thirsty world. (I’m spreading the word about this organization because I believe in it. They haven’t asked me to.)
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