I just got back from Target, where I saw a whole load of crazy looking shoes. The wedge is back and nuttier than ever. It reminded me of this post I wrote back in the early days.


How many of us had a pair of CLOGS? Famolares? Those wavy-soled wierd things….what were they, Cherokees?

Ahh, the torture we put our feet through for fashion. Just ask any elderly Chinese woman who had her feet bound.

And, to interrupt briefly – SubHub just asked me:

“What are you writing about?”
SM: “Shoes.”
SH: “Oh. You have a lot of them.”

So, let’s get down to business:

The 70’s Disco Platform Pic courtesy of these fine folks.

How is it even humanly possible to walk in these? Much less shake your booty?

Or these absolute *gems*

Seriously? Here’s what a doc had to say: “With platforms, your brain loses feedback from the foot, which is not touching the ground in a normal fashion. You lose touch with your sense of balance.”

But, doc, it’s GROOVY. 

The 80’s

Who remembers these?

Three words for you:


Thanks to them for the great big pic.

The 90’s – or “shoes so huge and heavy you can barely lift your legs”

Ok, you decide – women’s footwear, or creepy clown shoes?

BTW – love this site. Fun stuff.

And now, we reach the Age of the Croc.

I’m proud to say I’ve owned three pair of these beauties, although mine didn’t have the fancy fur lining. I jumped on this trend a little early at the recommendation of my podiatrist. I jumped out early, too.

Three words for you:


It all comes back around.

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