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So, I’m here today to introduce you to a company called Monsanto. Perhaps you’ve heard of Agent Orange? rBGH? Round-Up?


One day I was listening to Dave Ramsey, a person I really respect and admire (Wait – you should HAVE the money to pay for something BEFORE you buy it? WHAT?). Here’s what he said: “Capitalism without a moral compass is chaos.”

Monsanto, in my humble opinion, represents this chaos.

Allow me to illustrate.

They are in the business of genetically modifying seeds, among other things. They are, again, in my humble opinion, trying to do God one better by splicing and dicing, creating what I call ‘frankenfoods,’ otherwise known as GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms. I mean, they create a product called  Round-Up, right? Then, they genetically modify seeds to be ‘Round-Up Ready.’ What that means is they genetically tweak the seed to be resistant to Round-Up, so that the industrial money machine farmer (whose hands are generally tied,) can spray the ever-lovin’ Shee-aht out of their crops and it kills the weeds, not the crops. So, said farmer not only buys Round-Up, but Round-Up Ready seeds.

Monsanto calls their seeds “intellectual property” and actually SUES farmers for the wind carrying their seeds over the fence to another farmer’s land. Seriously: CBS News story.

This sounds all well and good, right? I mean, a plant that grows up and not be affected by the herbicides being sprayed on them? WRONG. Super-weed, anyone? What they’ve accidentally succeeded in doing is creating a weed that is RESISTANT to Round-Up. Michael Crichton said it best in Jurassic Park: “Life finds a way.”

Don’t believe me? Check here.

And how about an insect whose genes have mutated and is now resistant to an insecticide gene that Monsanto spliced in to plants to kill them here?

We are messing where we shouldn’t be messing.

Now – do I have answers? No, obviously. I can, however, vote with my pocket book. I can buy seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange and grow my own food. Also? I can use my brain and educate myself. Your food. Your body. Your right to know what exactly you are eating, and what it’s doing to your precious body. Not to mention your children’s precious bodies. Wonder why America is facing a health crisis? Because we have buried our heads in the sand, and decided the sand was cheap and tasted pretty good.

I had no idea when I set out a few years ago to try to connect my family to what they’re eating that I would become so pissed off about what’s happening to the food that we eat. I picked on Monsanto today, but there are others. (Bayer, I’m talking to you. Yes, you sweet little aspirin folks – YOU.)

Please educate yourselves. Watch Food, Inc. Read the Omnivore’s Dilemma. Read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. If you want to take the political spin out of it, read Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. And by all means, look at the other side of the argument. However, it’s really hard to argue against the right to know what you’re eating and how it got to your plate. You can’t exercise your right to choose if you don’t know what you’re choosing.

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